The Musical Project

The musical project PROJECT BOSSANOVA is the collaboration of the best professional musicians of the Italian scene, specialists in Brazilian music and Bossanova, offering his best successes revisited and arranged in key personnel, creating moments of pure musical poetry!
This project aims to promote and disseminate in a widespread manner bossa nova and Brazilian music through concerts, theme nights, in all cultural spaces fulfill that purpose (theaters, live clubs, libraries, cultural centers, etc.) Proposals are situations DUO / TRIO / QUARTET, often open to prestigious guests as in these Promo Video:

Promo video 1 Promo video 2

The classic concert of the Bossanova Project, where we can admire and listen to artists such as David Medina (double bass), Alexandre Silva (bass), Valerio Giovannini (drums), Simone Giubbotti (guitar), Fiammetta D'Arienzo (voice)

Many artists often work in trio, especially in the reunion of the Bossanova Contest we met Bruno Patinho, Augusto Alves, Tiziana De Angelis, etc ...

Often our concerts are characterized by the Sax of Moreno Romagnoli in duo with renowned artists such as Serginho, Daniele Bragaglia, Bruno Paparazzo and other famous names of the Bossanova landscape.

Quintet, Raquel Silva Joly, e altri

The artist Raquel Silva Joly often honors us with his presence in the evenings, filling the atmosphere with the wonderful notes of her voice and guitar.