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Cultural Association

Concerts, events, news, history and more on the world of Bossanova. Everything from professionals, practitioners and lovers of matter.

Also Brasiliana music

Through educational initiatives, cultural events and musical events, organization of demonstration concerts, stages in public and private structures, seminars etc.

They chose us

Our associates and collaborators include professional musicians of international size and great personalities of the field, specializing in Bossa Nova, as well as cultural, historical and adventurers of the same

The great events of Bossanova Project

The CD "Bossa Project"

Saxophonist Moreno Romagnoli publishes a tribute to Bossanova in general and to A.C.Jobim's pieces in particular through the re-screening of the best tunes arranged in instrumental.

The book

From April 2017, finally in bookstore, the book published by BERTONI EDITORE in collaboration with the "Minerva Etrusca" prize.
A journey in chronological order, within the musical history of Brazil, with the narrative of all the facts and protagonists that led to the birth of this Brazilian musical genre..

Bossanova Contest

Great reunion at annual cadence, now coming to the VI edition.
In only one night, the best performers of Bossanova (resident in Italy) meet each other, each offering a mini-concert where they will play Bossanova's songs, with their own style and personality.